Friday, March 22, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Voice Acting Debut!

So several weeks ago a fellow student came into our class and asked if anyone was willing to voice act a few lines for a commercial he was making. He was looking for... a valley girl! WOW! Was this made for me or what!? I grew up in the valley in California when 'valley girl's' like Becky and her friend in the intro of Sir Mix a Lot's Baby Got Back was at it's height!

So here is the finished product... and now you know what my voice sounds like, at least when I'm a valley girl!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Auschwitz Survivor Seeks Twin Brother Adopted 2 Days Before Camp Liberation

Please know that all of this is taken directly from the Facebook Page: A7734 

Jeno [Jolli], born in 1940, was transported to infamous death camp, Auschwitz together with his twin brother in May 1944, two months prior to their 4th birthday. Being twins, they were objects to criminal medical experiments. Luckily, both survived the war, however their ways separated just 2 days before liberation. 

Jolli's brother was taken out of camp, leaving behind all memory. For the next 67 years he had a different name and no knowledge about his family. Now he knows. We also know that Jolli was very much alive at liberation. Maybe he too changed his name, maybe even changed his religion. Clues lead to possible adoption by a Christian family, then to the USA. Whatever name and location, his tattooed number is A7734. And his brother still hopes to meet him. The only definite link between them is the number tattooed on his arm - A7734.

He may be your neighbour, a friend, or even a relative. if you happen to know anything, please contact

Here is a photo of Jolli's brother. Maybe he resembles his twin enough that you recognize him as someone that you know or have seen. Please, if you share just one thing today let it be this story, make it viral, help reunite these twins and the special bond that only twins share...


I'm SO SICK of miserable, stay at home navy wives, be they mothers or not. There are good ones, EXCELLENT ones even. Like Deb who used to be the OMBUDSMAN for the Machinists command, but not this woman with a little girl mentality that replaced her...

Why do so many wives feel the need to tear each other down? I admit that I am by no means perfect, far from it in fact. I ask Heavenly Father for forgiveness every time that I remember being bitchy or snarky towards anyone else, but especially a fellow military wife. Many wives will say that we have the toughest job in the military, and that might be the perception of that wife, but I can tell you... it's not. I've lived both sides of this coin. For those of you that don't already know, I served my country through the birth of 2 children, through becoming a single mom, through the death of my mother whilst deployed to I don't even remember where, through Desert Fox, through Operations Iraqi & Enduring Freedom, through 3 ships and 2 official deployments, so many underway's, UNREP's, RAS, Flight Ops, Cleaning Stations, ShellBack initiation (YES my certificate has the mermaid without the shells covering her breasts!), Golden ShellBack, DRB, XOI, Good Conduct medals, and so much more than I could ever list here, that being a navy wife is SO much easier. I get to sleep in my own bed every night if I want. I can do whatever I want even if it's against the law and not worry about loosing my job. Though what I do on base will always reflect on my husband, I can pretty much do whatever I want without fear or repercussions like, restriction to the ship for 45 days, extra duty, being put in the brig (navy jail) or going to the brig and only receiving bread and water to eat! I can chose what I eat each day, not some random other person onboard the ship. I can see the light of day, I can call out sick. I CAN CALL OUT SICK.

I digress, I have left the original topic!

I try not to bemoan my troubles to the world to hear. I do my best not to be a bitch to other wives, especially those asking for help unless they're asking how to screw over their deployed spouse, then the gloves are OFF! I would like to think that otherwise I am a good person. I'll watch your kid while you go to the doctor or while you go into labor. I'll help you clean, let you cry on my shoulder because you miss him so much. In return I only ask that you not try to embarrass me or chide me, for I am a 34 year old grown woman, not some 16 year old child. I have things to deal with too, please be there for me and just like your mother should have taught you... If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. So when I ask for help, or post something I have for sale, please just pass me by if you can't say anything nice or supportive to me.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

P. Phil... YOU'RE FIRED!


So P. Phil, the groundhog didn't see his shadow so winter is supposed to be over. Wouldn't you know it... we're under a severe weather alert and snow storm. The clouds are BLACK, with nary a speck of blue in sight.  The trees in the church yard that I can see out my window looks like they're about to come out by the roots! Trees that have been there for at least 100 years, I'm sure.

It's cold, the locals are freaking out and raping the bread and milk isles at the grocery stores. Why is it that everyone thinks that if there's a possibility that you might loose power or that there might be some snow falling, mind you we are expecting no more than 5 inches, that you MUST go to the gas station and fill up all your cars and every gas can that you own and that you will not be able to get milk and bread or that you need milk and bread to live? Don't you have food in your cupboards already... is that extra 5 gallons and 5 loaves of bread you just picked up going to feed you for the rest of your life because the world is coming to an end?

Get realistic people! Oh, and this little rant assures you that the weather is cold enough to snow, it's 4pm and almost nighttime outside it's so dark, it's hella windy, I can hear it howling. It's not spring... P. Phil... (in my best Donald Trump voice...) You're fired!