Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Can I get deep for a minute?

Well of course I can, it's my blog, and what is the purpose of a blog if not to express what I want when I want?! I have great friends. I prefer my smaller circle of friends that I think of like family over having a big group of people that are only there to watch me when I stumble in life. The caliber of my friends is better than the average person. We prop each other up, we offer a hand when we can and we do it all because we value each other. Not out of some perverted sense that we are better than each other for one reason or another, or because we expect our assistance to ever be paid back. We may not leave our mark on the world for the History books, but we leave a mark on each other. The marks that really count. And should our friendships drift apart for one reason or another, years later we can look back and remember with a bittersweet fondness how close we once were and how happy it made us to stick together, how strong it made us to overcome obstacles together. 

This has always been my go-to song when I'm 'getting deep' about my friends. Joe Cocker's With a Litle Help From My Friends. It should be noted that I obtained this video from YouTube.

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  1. Love you, lady. Missing our moments. Elora asks where Rozzy is all the time. :)