Monday, April 15, 2013

Pray for Boston... Call to Support! UPDATED with Resources to find your loved one!

If you're here in New England, then you know about the tragic events today in Boston. For those of you that do not know, or live under a rock. Approximately an hour after the first person crossed the finish line at the Boston Marathon, 2 bombs went off injuring many with two confirmed fatalities. Another two bombs (so far) have been located and were safely detonated. Another bomb exploded at the JFK Library in Boston.

For those of you that may not be aware, the last mile of this years Boston Marathon was dedicated to the victims of the shooting earlier this year at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut.

Please pray or send healing thoughts if you're not religious, and if you can spare the money for a card and stamp, please send one to:

PO Box 185083
Hamden, CT 06518

Safe&Well is run by the Red Cross. If your loved one has reported as Safe&Well they can be searched for on the below site; additionally, your loved one has the option to leave a brief message. has set up a resource and checkin on their main page just below the search box. Or you can click on the link below to access their people finder, which is currently has information on over 4,600 people as of 10:20pm EST on April 15, 2013:

Friday, April 12, 2013

Update on Auschwitz Surviving Twins... A7734

The following update is a direct quote from the A7734 Facebook Page. Keep looking and keep sharing.

'A side story to our search: the exposure brought in another pair of Mengele twins. They too were separated just before liberation but managed to reunite... I am going to interview the twin who remained in Auschwitz after liberation. He was with Jolli and I hope that he remembers something. Keep your expectations low, most survivors do not remember those chaotic stressful days. But at least we know now that there are more of them living amongst us, and reaching Jolli is just a matter of time.

I would like to thank you all on behalf or Menachem for your incredible constant support. He is deeply touched with every day that passes. As his researcher I thank all amateur and professional researchers as well as you who keep sharing - this search keeps moving forward thanks to you. 
Ayana KimRon'

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hellllllloooooo Spring! (FINALLY!!)

I may have just given away my prized secret location. I've decided that we finally have spring weather! I'm excited to plant! I had the Sister Missionaries over for dinner Friday night after they and the girls weeded one of the flower beds. I must say that it was nice to see it all cleaned up!

I've decided that the flower beds will be used for planting the flower of my home state, California, the California Poppy. Oh, how I miss those beautiful orange, silky beauties. I haven't seen one other than in pictures in about 16 years! I miss seeing them carpet the rolling hills of northern California. I bought about 5 packs of seeds per bed! It's my secret wish that they take root and over populate the yard, then the block, the town, and then the entire state! I know it's never going to happen like that, but I plan to plant, plant, plant!

The next mission is to clean out the other flower bed and plant, you guessed it! MORE POPPY'S!! I figure by then it will be time to dig up and till out some of the yard for the actual planting of our beloved fruits and veggies just in time for local planting season! Pictures and updates to come!

This picture was taken from the Graham Owen Gallery

Monday, April 8, 2013

Feel Good & GO HUSKERS!!!

First... go to the link, or watch it here if the link works right! LOL But be sure you're either alone, or as one comment would lead us to believe that he was cutting a bowl of onions...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Planning the Party

So... I've been on the fence about letting my DD have a last day or school party. Her Birthday party was  success, a successful MESS! Those dang boys she invited threw all those girls into a tizzy and I spent 3 days puling TP out of and out from under my furniture. I've decided that ALL invitees must be girls next year!

But what about the EOSP? I decided to give it a go... why you may ask? 10 FREE 5x7 cards (yours don't have to be invites, there's hundreds to choose from in different categories!) using code, SPRINGCARDS on! This has resulted in her only being allowed to invite 10 guests as well. I've decided for my sanity that SMALLER is BETTER!! If you decide you need more than 10 cards, you can use code SHIP30 to get free shipping on your order of $30 or more!

So let the planning begin! I wonder what kind of activities I'll plan for these screaming 12 and 13 year old girls?? Let the suggestions begin!