Sunday, June 10, 2012

Letting it Out

How do you get your thoughts and feeling across to someone that's not in front of you, someone that can't be in front of you? 

Sometimes you just need to be able to get out the feelings that you have bottled up inside, but often, I am unable to do such. With three children it's hard to have a safe place to vent. I mean, what is the point of attempting to get out your thoughts and feelings if you freak your children out!?

Sometimes you just feel the need, but what do you do? It's not as effective to type it out in a blog, nor to write it out on paper. Maybe I can go downtown where people are always yelling and screaming and scream at the top of my lungs, and I can fit in... No one to call the cops?

IT IS HARD to be married to someone that's half a world away. IT IS HARD to be a 'single' parent. IT IS HARD to try and make your spouse that is half a world away to feel like they are still vital part of the family. IT IS HARD to parent three children while they each take their turn, and sometimes all at the same time, act out to express their displeasure that daddy isn't home. 

BUT isn't it hard for daddy to be away from his children, his wife? 

Sometimes we, the spouses become so frustrated and upset with the military career that our spouse has chosen, and in our frustrated/angry state we forget that little nuggets of information. Our spouse does this for us, for our family, so that we can have all the little and big things that we need, clothing, food, shelter. 

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