Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ahh some relief!

Today my WONDERFUL 13 year old made dinner. My 13 year old SON! In some ways it was a pain because I had to teach him how to do it all and answer his incessant questions. BUT it was well worth it. He was able to make a yummy pork loin, corn and macaroni and cheese, all I had to do was slice the pork!

This is good news because though I've always been worried about my kids cooking, I also realize that it is something that they actually NEED to learn. There is nothing to say that god will not allow me to be caused harm on the way home from somewhere. This way the kids will still be able to eat until they figure out that they need to call someone. It's also an essential life skill. I'm not going to be cooking for them every day of their lives and they can't live off of fast food without gaining 300 lbs or more!

Everything turn out delicious! Maybe DS will turn out to be a chef!

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