Friday, December 2, 2011

A Monumental Day

Tomorrow is a monumental day in the life of this family. The baby turns 2! We are so excited, yet sad at the same time. As my Music Appreciation instructor, Professor F. would say it is bittersweet, causing a feeling of melancholy.

Though we are all excited for her second birthday and we will most certainly have fun at her party tomorrow, after all what child does not LOVE Chuck E. Cheese at that age! At 34 years old I still LOVE to play ski ball and I LOVE to have the Etch-a-Sketch-eque pictures taken with the kids. Sometimes I can even get the 13 year old to do it too.  I'm also so sad that her father, my husband cannot be here. Instead he has one of the jobs that many take for granted, that of the United States Sailor. He has to stay in Guam, because no matter how much we want him here and he wants to be here, he has not yet been there long enough to take leave and come home. Not to mention the fact that tickets are currently about $2,100 round trip.

With cards all arrived from our family and RSVP's turned in, cake pop's almost completed, there are still presents to wrap and a card to sign. Last minute touches on cake pops, and packing it all up for the 3 mile trip to CEC!

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