Saturday, November 26, 2011

Santa's Little Helpers

It's THAT time of year again! I have agonozed over websites and FINALLY selected the Christmas Card that I believe will be the best (funniest) for our family. I found it on Filters on the left hand side make it easy to narrow down the selection! 

Christmas cards are a huge tradition with my family. We always display them on this snowman string that has little mini clothes pins to clip the card onto. When we run out of room, we tape them to the entryway between our living room and dinning room. Some years it looks quite impressive, and other years, we're lucky to fill up the string. I wonder what kind of year it's going to be this year.

This year we broke the tradition of going to the 'Mall Santa' and I paid dearly! Our local Sears had a Santa event that they promoted heavily. Let me tell you! It was a BIG disappointment! They had the most wonderful Santa I've ever seen in my life, a true professional for sure! But the studio, they rushed us, eventhough there was no one behind us, took the requisite photos, and then we didn't even get to pick which one that we wanted. I didn't think it would turn out to be a big issue, we would just buy the image CD & rights as we always had before and if they didn't pick the picture that I wanted I would just get it from the CD. 


There were only 3 images on the CD all of them horrible! Now I've wasted my hard earned money AND I have to go to the 'Mall Santa' anyways. Leasson learned. Sometimes it saves to go with what you know and avoid the possibility for disaster! This was one of those times!

Oddly, this is what makes the photocard from Tiny Prints perfect! It's just a close up of the kids faces. Plus, it reminds me of those dancing elves that you upload your picture(s) to each year and then have a laugh while your elves dance around to some Christmas song.

If you like it you can click on this link to go directly to it!

Does this sound familiar to you... Stop doing that! Put down the bunny ears! Stop making silly faces! SMILE! Say CHEESE! This is why I LOVE that they offer more than the typical one image photostudio cards. No offense to those who just LOVE the 1 photo card, but as a mother of 3 I find that I can VERY RARELY get all three  a great picture at the same time! So with the option of placing as many as six or more photos of my choosing into the same card, I have met my perfect photocard match!


  1. UGGGG That blows about Santa... Sorry to hear it mama... But <3ing the trio card.. (@