Monday, November 21, 2011

College can be HIGHLY exasperating!

So last Spring just before graduating with my Associate of Science in General Studies I was told about another local-ish college that admits more students to it's ASN (Associate of Science Nursing) than the college that I was currently attending. So I ventured out and was snagged into what turned out to be a world of lies and frustration. The college had insanely high tuition. Even more insane was the willingness for them to allow you to overextend yourself with your class load, and when you ask the tutoring office for assistance, they just don't call you back... 

After agonizing for weeks and weeks. I literally thought of almost nothing else unless I was engaged in conversation with someone else.I decided to basically throw away the last two semesters of classes, because it turns out that while they will accept those credits for transfer, they are not the requirements to take classes required to apply to the nursing program. But I trust the school more and I'm more confident that I can graduate from there without any problems. It's just a matter of time, more time than I had anticipated, but eventually it will all be worth it, right?

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