Saturday, April 7, 2012

Is The Claim Right?

IS the hardest job in the Navy, what of the spouse?

I know it's hard. Sometimes it feels impossible, sometimes it feels like your world is ending.

The baby is having such a hard time with missing her daddy. How many times can I tell her that daddy isn't here right now, work took daddy far away and he won't be back for a long time? It breaks my heart every day to watch my babies miss their daddy so much.

Sometimes I dream at night of my husband, and wake up crying because I miss him SO DAMN MUCH! Sometimes my heart feels like it breaking, just being away from him for so long. With the time difference I hardly get to talk to him, and when he's out to sea... forget it!

The dreams I have... not just about missing my husband, but the ones where I dream that he's fallen overboard, or that something happened in the Engine Room and he's been injured or killed. THOSE are the worst. But then I think... what must if be like for him? He doesn't see us either. He doesn't get to talk to us either. And he can't pick up the phone and call his mom, like I can. He can't decide to take a week off and go visit family, or go camping. It costs over $2,000 to fly from Guam to where we live, and vice versa. What military family can afford to fly 4 out there? How must it feel to be told you can't take leave when you want, so that we only have to find the money for him to fly here and back?

I think my job, as a Navy Wife, is DAMN HARD, but my husbands job, that of the Active Duty member... It is definitely harder.

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