Friday, March 30, 2012


I'm very excited to announce that I have been accepted to Eastern Connecticut State University!

My middle child had a Civil War Presentation today at school and I took MANY pictures, not just for her, but also to submit to the yearbook. I can't wait to buy her yearbook and see how many pictures are in there that I took myself. I've taken HUNDREDS of pictures and submitted them to the yearbook this school year. I don't think that I could accurately count them if I tried.

The baby has been working on potty training and it's so odd to me that at daycare she likes to go to the potty, but at home she acts like it's the most terrifying thing in the world. Which of course frustrates me, because it means more accidents, more laundry, more water, more sewer usage, and more electric usage. In a time where I'm not working and gas has officially reached $4.00 per gallon, even on base, I hate to be doing so much laundry, but I hate even more to have it stink and pile up!

I can't wait to start classes at Eastern in September! I'm so proud of myself for getting to this point in my life. With a mother (now deceased) that only completed High School and a father I don't even know well enough, but can only speculate that he possibly completed High School, I feel accomplished to have already graduated with my Associate of Science in General Studies and to be moving onto a 4 year university to earn my Bachelor's Degree so that I can move onto Nursing School and be an example for my three children that you can accomplish your dreams, even if it takes more time than you originally planned.

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