Monday, November 12, 2012

Dinner for a friend

As you may remember Friday was a very sad day for a friend. Her wonderful husband passed away. Though he had cancer of the intestines, the doctors think it was a seizure that dislodged a clot that went right to his brain that took this wonderful man. 

Last night I brought some dinner for her, one less worry on her mind. I had the chance to meet his sister, mother and father while I was there. I could see the red eyes of all, though the tears may have stopped for a moment, taking the time to eat and watch his favorite college team play football.

I brought my girls with me, and we reminisced about shenanigans at BBQ's. You see his wife is a little box of fun, and was unable to climb the back of the slide/pool-thing that she had at the last BBQ. He tried to push her up, and when that didn't work (it was a good 30 feet high!) she slipped down and jumped into the pool at the bottom of the slide. He was a bit on the drunk side, it was dark and he couldn't see her just sitting there in the 'pool'. He starts calling out to everyone where is D? Check the house, did she go back in the house? Laughter ensued from all, for it was a great story to illustrate just what a goober he was.

On that note, the laughter, we gave much needed hugs and departed. 

Tomorrow is the viewing and Wednesday he will be laid to rest locally.

Fair Winds and Following Seas MMC Griffen. 

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