Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Auschwitz Survivor Seeks Twin Brother Adopted 2 Days Before Camp Liberation

Please know that all of this is taken directly from the Facebook Page: A7734 

Jeno [Jolli], born in 1940, was transported to infamous death camp, Auschwitz together with his twin brother in May 1944, two months prior to their 4th birthday. Being twins, they were objects to criminal medical experiments. Luckily, both survived the war, however their ways separated just 2 days before liberation. 

Jolli's brother was taken out of camp, leaving behind all memory. For the next 67 years he had a different name and no knowledge about his family. Now he knows. We also know that Jolli was very much alive at liberation. Maybe he too changed his name, maybe even changed his religion. Clues lead to possible adoption by a Christian family, then to the USA. Whatever name and location, his tattooed number is A7734. And his brother still hopes to meet him. The only definite link between them is the number tattooed on his arm - A7734.

He may be your neighbour, a friend, or even a relative. if you happen to know anything, please contact

Here is a photo of Jolli's brother. Maybe he resembles his twin enough that you recognize him as someone that you know or have seen. Please, if you share just one thing today let it be this story, make it viral, help reunite these twins and the special bond that only twins share...

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