Wednesday, March 6, 2013

P. Phil... YOU'RE FIRED!


So P. Phil, the groundhog didn't see his shadow so winter is supposed to be over. Wouldn't you know it... we're under a severe weather alert and snow storm. The clouds are BLACK, with nary a speck of blue in sight.  The trees in the church yard that I can see out my window looks like they're about to come out by the roots! Trees that have been there for at least 100 years, I'm sure.

It's cold, the locals are freaking out and raping the bread and milk isles at the grocery stores. Why is it that everyone thinks that if there's a possibility that you might loose power or that there might be some snow falling, mind you we are expecting no more than 5 inches, that you MUST go to the gas station and fill up all your cars and every gas can that you own and that you will not be able to get milk and bread or that you need milk and bread to live? Don't you have food in your cupboards already... is that extra 5 gallons and 5 loaves of bread you just picked up going to feed you for the rest of your life because the world is coming to an end?

Get realistic people! Oh, and this little rant assures you that the weather is cold enough to snow, it's 4pm and almost nighttime outside it's so dark, it's hella windy, I can hear it howling. It's not spring... P. Phil... (in my best Donald Trump voice...) You're fired!

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